The benefits of staff training

An alternative approach to conflict within the workplace is to develop a preventative strategy.

Norfolk Workplace Mediation can provide staff training and/or management training which will improve levels of emotional health and wellbeing within any organisation and reduce the likelihood of conflict.

The training may be best experienced as a series of short meetings or twilight sessions. It is delivered with good humour in ways that will actively engage the trainees and has clearly defined outcomes.

Effective management is essential if we are to support employees to form excellent working relationships.

What we cover in the training

The training is non-prescriptive and includes topics such as:

  • Motivational theory
  • Empathy
  • Mutually-empowering teamwork
  • Solution-focused communication
  • How to reduce blame and guilt

All the things that we do and think are driven by emotion; this is why the soft skills are essential management competencies.

What is the training like?

Employers may prefer the training to be delivered as a series of short meetings—perhaps twilight sessions—rather than a formal training day.

Participants have opportunities to actively engage in role-plays and discussions, however there will also be conventional presentations.

The training is best delivered in the presence of senior managers because the intention is to bring about sustained cultural change within the workplace.

The training is delivered with good humour in an informal style. Participants find the experience enjoyable because the soft skills are as relevant to us within our private lives as they are professionally.

The outcomes are clearly defined, measurable and stated at the outset, allowing trainees to feel that they are making demonstrable progress.

If you are interested in finding out more about the sort of training we provide or wish to discuss any aspect of emotional health and wellbeing within the workplace do not hesitate to get in touch.

We would be pleased to arrange a meeting to discuss our services. There is no charge for this consultancy and no obligation on either side. We are aware that this sort of professional development needs to be commissioned and delivered with both thought and sensitivity.

Fees for staff training

There is no charge or obligation (on either side) for an initial face-to-face discussion.

The training fee is currently £60/hr (VAT N/A) plus a small surcharge for travelling should that seem reasonable. Should two trainers be required the fee is £120/hr.

We would be pleased to arrange a meeting to discuss our services.

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